To the owners of the cutest poodles EVER!

To the owners of the cutest poodles EVER!

If you would like to have your Poodle-Pokemon featured on our website, here are some collaborative steps you can take:

1. Give the artist a task: First, you need to decide what style of drawing you would like to see. For example, it can be a drawing in a more realistic style, a caricature or, above all, art in the style of Pokemon.

2. Provide references: Provide the artist with a picture of your Poodle to use as a reference. It will also be convenient to send photos in which the dog is in a pose or with a facial expression that you would like to see in the picture.

3. Consider ideas and concepts: Discuss possible ideas and concepts for the painting with the artist. Maybe you want your Poodle to be in a special place or doing something interesting.

4. Collaborate with the artist: Collaborate with the artist by sending them comments and feedback when they submit their first drafts. This will allow you to make adjustments and make sure that the drawing meets your expectations.

5. Use the drawing on the website: After completing the drawing and you are satisfied with it, send the finished work with your feedback to our social networks and we will definitely post your handsome man on Instagram or Facebook!

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