Find joy in every moment with your Corgi-Pokemon!

Find joy in every moment with your Corgi-Pokemon!

Corgis are known for their liveliness and fun, and our artists skillfully use this to paint all the details and features of your pet as accurately as possible.

May your Corgi-Pokemon always be your faithful companion! We highlight how loyal and attached Corgis are to their owners, which makes them great family dogs. So, order not only the dog Pokemon, in the picture, but also together with the owner!

We know that your life is brighter and more interesting with a Corgi! 

So to order a dose of positivity for you, your Corgi, your relatives or friends, welcome to, here we create real Pokemon from your dogs! Everything according to your wishes! Also, as a reminder, you can add just a photo of your dog to the Pokepaw-Card!

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